About Me

My name is Spyros Seimenis and I am a software security engineer and researcher that specializes in finding and reporting bugs through reverse engineering and source code auditing. I have worked with numerous clients worldwide in various fields like mobile device platforms, IoT and banking and helped them secure their products.

I hold an MSc in Computer Science from the Computer Engineering and Informatics department of University of Patras. My main areas of research interest there were cryptography, programming languages (topics such as compilers, algorithms and data structures, parallel processing, software engineering), communication networks, topics on theory of computation and computer graphics.

More About Me

I play various instruments with piano as my main so I am open to invites for any sort of jamming sessions :)

I love photography and although this is my alone activity, I am also open to invites for photo walks :)

I love participating in CTFs and I am constantly on the look for like-minded folks to share the pain :)

I devour books and graphic novels :)



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